When a fashion film focuses on the personality of the model, the clothes can sometimes get lost in all of the coolness or passion expressed by the film’s star. This is not the case for Mad Love‘s Summer 2012 campaign featuring model Zippora Seven, where the model embodies the brand and its message of being young, carefree and cool.

Mad Love is an Australian fashion line made for the cool kids who don’t mind standing out. According to the brand, they take their inspiration from street art and pop, and like to convey the message of not talking life or fashion too seriously. Directed by Bec Lorrimer, the fashion film showcases Seven from the waist up. Featuring the sounds of The Black Keys‘ “Tighten Up,” the black and white campaign shows Seven sexily swaying her hair back and forth and posing for the camera.

With a very rock n’ roll feel, the clothes are what models like Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss wear as the pieces reflect the simple chicness that usually has street style photographers and fashion bloggers going crazy.