Launched in early 2011, MAN is the eponymous label of Sheila Man, an Argentinian jewellery designer who is now based in Sydney, Australia. Man’s latest collection, Beginnings for Spring/Summer 2012-13 draws on “cosmic references and the constant tension between light and dark, the collection reverts to the beginning of time; delving into the mysticism and science of the universe through a clash of galactic geometry and earthly textures.”

Man explained to Portable that the inspiration for Beginnings came from two very different planets; “I was inspired by two different passions of mine. I live a few blocks away from the beach in Sydney, so the water, sand and coastline are a constant inspiration for me. The other one is a secret passion for the planets, the universe and space. I’m in awe of the beautiful colours, shapes and mystery of the universe.”

To highlight the intricacies in her statement designs, Man employed director Joshua Heath to create a fashion film that captures the very essence of the label. Heath’s footage captures the movement of the accompanying look book shoot which embodies Man’s innovative use and fusion of unique materials such as wood, resin, metal and leather for the first time. Using materials such as these has meant that many of the pieces are unisex in their appeal with the label gaining a cult following for its widespread appeal and diversity.

Using film was also a conscious decision for Man who divulged, “I think that in this day and age we live in a visual and multi-sensory world. Therefore, emotions and feelings can be easily expressed on film, especially by adding music… I recruited Joshua Heath to do the video as I think he has a wonderful ability to both capture a moment and show an emotion. We chose to use this particular song by Cameras as it has the cinematic sound that we desired, and transports you to a place far away. Making a connection is essential and although the video in itself is simple, it achieved every expectation I had.”

Man is unique in the fact that each piece is lovingly crafted by it’s creator, who described the detailed process; “It all starts with the design. At this stage I am quite familiar with what my materials are able to do, though I am sometimes surprised at new possibilities, so I take my inspiration and apply it to the materials that I like to use. I sketch out my designs on the computer and make some prototypes. Then I review the designs and fine-tune them until I am sure the final product is what I wanted. It can be a long and exhausting process. However, it’s worth it. It so amazing to hold the final piece in my hand at the end of the design and production process.”

And the results do not disappoint, with interlocking, sharp shapes, monochromatic patterns and tubular chokers in soft solar hues creating a dramatic, space-age effect set off against MAN’s signature adornment of industrial bolts.