After putting on an amazing choreographed show for his Spring 2012 collection, Marc Jacobs and his long-time stylist and magazine editor Katy Grand have created this 30s-inspired jazz film entitled Fan Club to showcase all the brand’s accesories since Marc Jacobs started in Louis Vuitton in 1997.

In the style of  his stunning catwalk show and collection, director Ruth Hogben and Grand have created this truly original and unique fashion film full of references to the 30s cabarets, not only in the styling but also perfomance. Models are brought together like synchronized dancers to perform as if they were in an old Broadway musical to the tune of a Judy Garland jam. Welcome to the fantasy world of Vuitton by Marc Jacobs.

The dramatic contrast between the dark theatrical lighting and the nude colours used for the styling of the models work amazingly well. Especially when it comes to show all accessories—the highlight of this short film and the only fashion element that varies from model to model. We are suddenly brought into Vuitton’s fantasy, the most luxurious kaleidoskope, filled with dancers that have ditched their ballet flats for pair of Vuitton stilettos in which to dance over ostrich feathers. The fantasic element of the film is basically the trademark to all of his Jacobs’ shows, where he recreates impossible scenarios, like giant carousels, or models in caged elevators.

We’ll be watching this on repeat in the lead-up to the upcoming retrospective exhibition of his work in Paris, as we’re sure he probably has something up his sleeve that will floor us further.