“I met her as a young boy”, begins Marios Schwab’s reminiscent, nostalgic description of Chiara Skura, “the impossible woman”, the one who got away. Unable to describe the contradictions that surround his femme fatale through imagery alone, Schwab chooses to narrate this film noir-style fashion film named after the Italian word for light (Chiara) and the Greek word for dark (Skura), which teasingly showcases his SS 2012 collection, and like temptresses the world over, leaves the viewer eternally wanting more.

Presented by Vogue Italia and online art and culture initiative The Stimuleye, the piece is essentially an ode to women and the power they yield. Schwab struggles to verbalise the combination of innocence and guilt, control and spontaneity, structure, tension, love and apprehension that encompasses the inspiration behind his collection. Unlike most broken-hearted boys, Schwab is not angered by the impossibility of women but in awe of their unpredictable mystery, intrigue and his ultimate powerlessness against such forces. This genuine love of women is reflected in the flattering, overtly feminine yet sensual nature of his garments which aim to enhance rather than disguise the female silhouette.

Who is Chiara Skura? Where did she come from? Where is she going? What brand is her lipstick because I really like it? In the end, none of this matters and such futile questions will only end in heartbreak. Why? “‘Cause everybody knows (she’s a femme fatale), the things she does to please (she’s a femme fatale). It’s not hard to realize, just look into her false coloured eyes.” Consider yourself warned.