There are tragically few men’s fashion campaigns and videos ever released, so when one pops up we snatch it right up. Fashion films for men’s clothing are a world apart from that of their female counterpart—in that dizzingly competitive world everybody has to be innovative and new at a lightning pace, in the hope to buck a trend and get noticed. It’s not the case with men’s fashion; their videos are generally more low key and contemplative, letting the clothes speak for themselves. That’s not to say men’s fashion films aren’t embittered by cliches—there’s always a bar and a stiff drink, and, strangely enough there’s rarely any women about.

Danish label Matinique does adhere to the typical men’s fashion video criteria, but its setting and cinematography make it a stand out. Filmed on location in Las Vegas by director Mads Feldballe, The dusty plains and empty bars are suitably matched to the collection Matinique is promoting: it’s not crisp and glamorous, it’s a little rough around the edges, but smart enough to make handsome beaus like the model in this clip even more refined.