ATTENTION FANS OF MICHAEL PITT’S BROODING POUT: you’re in for a treat. After directing his own fashion-concept film a few weeks ago, baby brother Pitt is foraying once again in the world of men’s fashion, except this time he’s the model, and the brand is none other than Prada. If I were to name Prada’s Spring/Summer menswear campaign in which Pitt stars, I would call it Pitt’s Prominent Prada Pout, but for some reason that job isn’t up to me, so it’s just S/S 2012, okay?

Watch the behind the scenes of Prada’s shoot to get a glimpse of Pitt in a wardrobe changing montage like no other: studded leather jackets, hawaiian print shirts, clashing blazers, thick rimmed glasses, odd hats and the Pout Master playing a guitar all feature prominently here—the kind of clothes that could potentially look horrendous on your boyfriend but look tailor perfect for Pitt. And why are there so many change ups, so many personality and stereotype contrasts in Prada’s campaign? Summed up in a well dressed nutshell, Prada explains: “[the campaign]explores the language of male role models from the rock star to the playboy, from the self-reflective introvert to the engaging and humorous farceur. These cinematic codes are revealed as the many sides and moods of Michael Pitt as well as the many aspects of men living in a post-modern period of extended leisure and work culture.”