Vogue Italia has crossed over from flat and lifeless print media and into the interactive world. The coveted fashion magazine is now available in 3D! This Spring issue sees Australian model Miranda Kerr not only baring all (almost) but baring it all in 3D and it’s over hyped Avatar/Toy Story 3 glory. If the cover wasn’t enough there is a 22 page editorial shot by regular Vogue photographer Steven Meisel.

This little video goes behind the scenes of the photoshoot. Kerr’s very own Yorkshire Terrier, Frankie makes a cameo appearance as does a rather unexpected lively performance by Kerr. I doubt many of us have actually seen her move this much before.

Now I know what you’re thinking. How are we expected to read the article if it’s in 3D? Well, no 3D experience comes without 3D glasses and Vogue haven’t skimped on the accessories. You can find your own pair attached to the front cover.

Now, I’m still not completely convinced with this whole ‘3D revolution’ thing and certainly didn’t rush to see ‘Step Up 3D’ when it hit the cinemas, although admittedly I was one of the many people who rushed to IMAX to check out Avatar in 3D (I mean, who didn’t? James Cameron did direct Titanic, not to mention The Terminator) but I have no doubt that this issue will definitely be a big seller. Seriously, it’s Miranda Kerr, half naked, in 3D.