When it comes to personal style, color is something that many people are afraid of embracing. In her StyleLikeU interview, costume designer and dress maker Miss KK, shows that color is not scary when used as a means of self expression. Miss KK explains that her style comes from a mix of her parents and her grandmas. As a dyslectic student, Miss KK learned to appreciate things visually and transferred this to a career in costume making.

Like most StyleLikeU closet visits, the subjects speak about how they began their careers and Miss KK’s is no different. Miss KK, explains that in design school they wanted her to change her design aesthetic and that is when she decided to go into costume design. As a freelancer costumer, Miss KK designs for music videos and commercials and does admit to having styled in the past. However, she explains that she does not like styling, “because it is a look, costuming is a character with history.”

With her flowy dresses, colorful clothes and glittery shoes, Miss KK with her clothing and style becomes as much of a character as those she dresses. She says that she is into the idea of manifest destiny and believes that things happen for a reason like her love life, her career and anything else that has and will come into her life.