New York based fashion photographer Casey Brooks‘ latest fashion film for, Committed, is a crisp, highly stylized piece starring a crop of some of the best up and coming faces in the modelling industry including Yuri Pleskun, Wang Xiao, River Vilperi, Ondria Hardin, Codie Young and Kelly Mittendorf.  Centred around the concept of the beautiful patients being admitted to a correctional facility, the video soon goes awry, setting off a panic alarm to which chaos ensues.

Brooks explained to Portable how she was able to achieve such stark movement from her subjects:

The crispness is all in the musicality. I really used my dance background to direct the models with these “pedestrian” movements. Pedestrian movement is a movement that a normal person would do everyday; for example, curling your hair behind your ears. I chose to use this type of movement because I could choreograph the piece in a sense without the viewer feeling like it was forced. You naturally accept that the model could curl her hair behind her ears or pace back and forth.

Set to a throbbing soundtrack by Santigold, the models are dressed and styled by Raul Guerrero in clinical, boxy designs from Lars AnderssonNomia and Richard Chai amongst others.  Brooks also told Portable:

What film has to offer fashion is more story. Better stories. Film brings the elements of time, movement, and sound, giving the director the opportunity to really flesh out a story. You now have more than that one, still moment to communicate. There’s really a lot of potential there.