Conceived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Andalucia, Spain, in 2008, Mr. Hare designer, Marc Hare, came to the realisation that he wanted to make shoes when he, “was looking at the woven leather shoes of the old gentleman sitting next to [him] thinking those shoes could be so awesome with a few tweaks, but who could I get to make them?”

Previous stints in retail, design and marketing for the likes of iconic footwear brands such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Dr. Martens and Reebok undeniably gave Hare the edge he needed to take his love of the fashion industry to the next level. Selling his first pieces at the world renowned Dover Street Market in 2009, made in Italy, Hare’s designs fuse classic British styles such as loafers and oxfords with a street sensibility that oozes from the ‘fresh-to-death’ sneaker range influenced by his love of a wide variety of music from Jack White and Marvin Gaye to MF Doom and Wu-Tang Clan.

In an interview with Dazed Digital, Hare speaks candidly about his curated work space and how it lends itself to the overall Mr. Hare brand and aesthetic, from the music that is played, whether it be rock, hip hop or reggae, to the vintage mid-century Italian furniture and even the shop’s covetable location in Mayfair. Hare also makes a intriguing and very relatable point about people working pieces into their own wardrobes and making one of his pairs of shoes their own. Described as a ‘black shoe company,’ Hare explains that “this means my shoes are created to make the wearer look stylish and completely in control at night. This doesn’t mean they can’t be worn in the day, or come in other colors. It just means that when I designed them I was thinking about having a great time at night, outside, with friends, with great food and drink, and dancing. Lots of dancing.”