We’ve all seen the standard woman’s self-defence videos, the ones involving a sweat-suit clad girl demonstrating how to kick the crap out of a potential attacker whilst wearing her best ‘I’m perfectly dressed for a hangover day spent at home’ attire. Hmmmm, that’s all well and good but what happens when this homebody girl is out and about in the evening wearing a pair of platform heels? With the safety of his two teenage daughters firmly in mind, fashion photographer and director Nick Knight set out to find some answers, creating what may in fact be the most stylish solution to a woman’s self-defence issues whilst redefining the notion of power dressing for the twenty-first century.

In what could almost be taken for a hotel room domestic dispute, Knight’s metal music-fueled educational fashion film Get Back, Stay Back features the powerful Dutch model Lara Stone with her Helmut Lang face firmly on. Styled by Carine Roitfeld, former Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris, the new format martial arts training session meets high styled fashion shoot makes use of Krav Maga, the practical and realistic contact combat system used by the Israeli Defence Force, in which Ms Stone sets about kicking some wanna be attacker arse for the cameras whilst wearing a collection of the season’s most feminine attire. In a recent interview regarding the clip, Knight explained that he found much of his inspiration within the argument surrounding the Slutwalk movement, within which woman have  fought back against being accused of inviting attack by dressing in attractive clothing.

Seeking to challenge the unfair notion, Knight filmed Stone as she defends herself in a series of on the floor, and up against the wall passion meets fury driven fight simulation scenarios—all the while she keeps herself properly attired modelling Roitfeld’s selection of Spring/Summer 2012′s finest finds. Meanwhile, fashion’s favourite Knight in shining armour fulfils his desire to encourage fashion’s most fabulous females to defend themselves in a high-fashion ‘how to’ bible of self-defence.