There’s something very weird about the usual coverage of ‘street style’ in Fashion week – whether it be New York, Moscow or Delhi, there’s always a hoarde of immaculately dressed editors, models and ingénues ready to pose in their daily best outside one of the top tier designers. And we must admit it gets a bit tedious, especially when the blogs dole out their ‘best’ awards for best bag, best shoes etc., which feels a bit like the innocent stupidity of elementary school awards – the process of giving someone an ‘encouragement’ award for no other reason than to give an award.

You’ll find no ‘best’ labels in our street style roundup, mainly because we don’t pretend to be the authority on those key words such as ‘hip’ and ‘relevant’ everyone else is so happy to dole out. We have, however, rounded up some of the best of the blogs, so you don’t have to trawl through the drivel between lurking babes in nice clothes, which is really the point of it all, right?