Kat George: Here’s the thing: Beyonce is leagues above everyone else. So much so that she can wear a feather trimmed, semi sheer, strategically bejeweled gown that would scream bloody murder on anyone else and still look like an angel that fell from heaven. BEYONCE WEARS THE DRESS, THE DRESS DOES NOT WEAR HER. Her “personal brand” and the way she carries herself is nothing short of utter perfection, and I love that high fashion has embraced her with this total reverence and enthusiasm. Hats off to the orange-hued lippy too; girl know’s what’s up.

Amy Smith: There is nothing that Beyonce can do wrong. The Queen B could walk out wrapped in bubble wrap and I would applaud. That being said… a magician never reveals his tricks and honey, you’re revealing ALL OF OURS. This banging Givenchy gown hugs every curve perfectly, but we don’t need to see the shapewear that’s holding in the post-baby bulge! For the love of Spanx!