“There was this one weekend when we just took off – I’ll never forget it. We didn’t even pack; we just hopped in my truck and drove.”

So begins the short story surrounding Spencer Wohlrab‘s ephemeral new original fashion short for StyleCaster, produced in collaboration with the site’s visual content producer Patrick Biesemans, who directed. Over and Over stars Ellen van der Plancken and Zach Sky as two young lovers, escaping the city to spend a day in the Catskills, skipping stones, giving piggyback rides and falling in love. They explore the forest and each other, before having their own “If you jump, I jump” moment and ending the story. Or so would be the case in any other film.

This tale is one that can’t be told simply through video, which is where Wohlrab’s photography (which we featured very recently) and the words of Jessica Hoppe come into play. Complementing the film are Wohlrab’s images of van der Plancken and Sky climbing fences, holding hands, and visiting places we don’t see in the film. Meanwhile, Hoppe’s story of the lovers, told from his perspective some years later with the discovery that this was both the beginning and the end.

“It was the first time I fell in love.

I never saw her again after that day.”