Imagine it’s a warm, summer night. You’ve borrowed your parents’ car, squeezed in too many of your friends and you just want to kill some time because when you’re young, time seems endless. Also you’re really good looking. That’s how we felt upon first viewing of Percival’s latest film for SS12, directed by Chris Gove and Luke Stenzhorn, the brands’ designers. Talk about jacks-of-all-trades.

Mixed with more contemporary/generally steezy pieces, the clothing featured subtly nods to elements of 50’s style bowling threads you can imagine being worn by the Bob’s and Mike’s of the world. However in Percival’s style, they are anything but tired. Their modern interpretation maintains just the right balance of cool without tipping the scales to op-shop disaster, as is often the case when vintage prints and styles are appropriated for the present.

The film itself follows a group of cute boys and the token mega babe girl doing what hot young people do in a lonely bowling alley on a Friday night, and reminds us of those lazy summer nights when you have nothing to do and nowhere to be. The cinematography is definitely its strongest point (props to D.O.P/Editor Laurence Halstead), and Glove and Stenzhorn have really utilised every aspect of the location to creative a visually dynamic piece, in a warm palette lit by garish arcade neon reds.

Imagery of the flashing games, team ping-pong and lazily rolling bowling balls combine to create a sense of contemporary nostalgia; there’s something familiar about this place we’ve never been, and those people we’ve never met. You can practically taste the bottomless soda topped up with cheap flask vodka.