This video — the second for New York City-based knitwear designer Lars Andersson — offers titillatingly fragmented glimpses at his knitwear for Spring/Summer 2011. The Swedish-born designer’s inspiration for the collection sprung from Wilfred Thesiger’s iconic images of Bedouin tribesmen from the Arabian Peninsula, and the draping and layering of this traditional garb combine nicely with influences of Americana. For despite the exotic lean, Andersson feels this collection is quintessentially American, saying, “I was drawn in by various tribes from the Middle East in a very abstract way, but I was also compelled by images of Kurt Cobain, and focused in on certain aspects of the American grunge aesthetic”. The video only gives a peek at the actual knits, but the visuals arouse a kind of longing that is more sensual than sad and conjures desires that the clothing would suit, rather than simply desire for the items themselves. The music alone is spell-binding, charged with the same dark and sexual energy as the collection; pregnant with breathy glitches and evocative of tribal life itself, the original score is by The Black Soft (the members, Chase Coughlin and Joey Topmiller, also did the music for Andersson’s previous video).