Prada have long established themselves as a creative force to be reckoned with, so it’s no surprise their newest campaign video for their Fall collection 2012 sees director Steven Meisel bring dizzying angles, high concepts and a color pallette to make Andy Warhol flinch.

Meisel has been a fixture of the Prada campaign production since 2004, and shows he’s certainly still got it when it comes to giving the fashion world something new. Here, he turns his clothes horses such as Anne Vyalitsyna and Magdalena Frackowiak into creepy soldiers, positioning them as chess pieces on a board. But don’t think these beautiful faces are just there to show you how best to wear a jewel-embellished suit; they’re warrior princesses, poised for combat. Throw in an ominous score and the underlying itch of a ticking clock, and there’s plenty more going on in Meisel’s warped glass wonderland than your average “model runs through the daisies, pouts” fashion video.

Using the shapes as inspiration for both the content and the shooting style, Meisel helps us understand the dizzying maze of the striking AW collection. He plays with perspective, often placing one model on a forced angle and warping our idea of space or size. He transports the textures and fabrics of the collection to the sets, lining the walls with velvet and glass. It’s sleek, fun and definitely a standout of the AW 2012 campaign crop. More of this, please!