Fashion and drama have always loved one another and industry powerhouse Prada is not known to shy away from theatrics. The high end label has released video, Prada Real Fantasies to showcase their Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook and it is jam packed with dystopian scenes of genetically perfected clones in intergalactic galaxies. Dramatic.

While the video is a little over the top, it is also visually striking and quite beautiful. A sixties aesthetic dominates the clip. It could be the opening sequence of an early James Bond film, or an extra stylish episode of Dr. Who, as sinister, well-dressed men shake hands and lanky females robots wilt gracefully and menacingly across the screen.

The point, of course, is to showcase this season’s retro collection dominated by bright purples, browns, strong lines and 60s patterns. As with all things from that era, the look is futuristic, modern and aesthetically accessible. The result is that Prada have produced an incredibly wearable line of clothes that will probably appeal to both hipsters and conservative dressers alike. It’s an achievement, sure, but one obtained through a clever shortcut to 60s fashion rather than true design ingenuity.