The rogue darling of the fash pack, Prada, is back with the latest installment of their Real Fantasies series for Spring Summer 2012.

True to the oxymoron of the ‘Real Fantasy’ series title, this episode is a surreal concoction of old world Americana iconography—noir novels, retro cars, golfing, garden parties and neon diner lights—that harks back to the 50s era in line with the influence of their new collection.

Think gloriously feminine Stepford Wives ensembles with a fierce, take-no-prisoners edge. Models donning patterned headscarves, pleated dresses, high waisted skirts mixed with flouncy bandeau tops, embroidered floral peacoats and a rather covetable mint leather bag all leap out at you ever so cheekily from this heady visual feast of artsy collages (100 percent handmade, impressively).

Bravo (again) Miuccia, bravo.