The fashion world is sometimes about tough love and in a video for Vogue Italia, Brit designer Richard Nicoll goes through a little tough loving. In “Get Richard,” director Justin Anderson blends the worlds of fashion, action and sex into a short video teaser for the magazine.

Based on a true story, the video features Nicoll and three female models whose faces are covered with mesh masks, only revealing their red-stained lips. The short film begins with Nicoll staring into the camera as a black car pulls up and he is quickly taped, constrained and shoved into the back seat. The models take Nicoll on a ride through Los Angeles and to its outskirts where they dig a hole and toss him in, leaving him standing vertically and only his body from the waist up revealed.

The clothes featured are from Nicoll’s S/S 2012 collection and are best seen when the models are walking in and out of the car as most shots in the car are actually of the models’ underwear. The silver shoes that the models are wearing are seen quite frequently throughout the video as the models have their feet perched up on the seats and dashboard of the car; these are from a collaboration between Manolo Blahnik and Richard Nicoll.

In an interview with, Nicoll said, “A lot of fashion can be aggressive and protective, like social armour but for me it’s about conveying a sense of honesty of the human condition, it’s important to convey real fragility… My work is about imperfect beauty, something that has that right balance of elegance and provocation.” This aspect of provocation is something that can be seen in this video, as it really does not get more provocative than a little S&M.