The mission statement from Los Angeles-based vintage collectors and distributors Tori Chesney and Amber Grant is very simple: vintage is amazing. The pair carefully select items from piles of polyester to sell through their online shop They Roared Vintage.

Their roaring new promotional video, directed by Jordan Chesney and featuring six models silently screaming along to a 60s rock and roll jam inviting everyone to “do the roar”, is more about emotion than promotion; it’s about expressing a roaring desire within for pre-hunted, quality vintage clothing. We particularly dig the Lynchian juxtaposition of the coloured filters, lively music and beautiful models with the savagery of the women’s expressions and unheard wails.

They Roared Vintage encourage self-expression and individuality, stating “we want you to wear vintage because we want you to express yourself while wearing something that has as much personality as you do”. There’s also a sense of environmental consciousness at hand here (as well as supreme stylishness): Chesney and Grant are all about recycling clothing as a form of merging “art” and “fashion”.