Kaleidoscopic videos seem to the be flavor of the month, and probably it’s little wonder after Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Paris” made such an impression with its trippy absurdism. So we’re going to ignore the the fact that it’s becoming an altogether tired and overused visual trope, and instead talk about Salasai’s SS12-13 film, Green, as though it wasn’t filmed with such predicable trendiness, and visualise it as though the action were occuring sigularly.

With this in mind, we actually quite enjoyed it. The soundtrack, “Nowhere Slow” by 1995, seems to have been written explicitly for for model Widika, who has at once mastered combining sultry enigma with down-to-earthiness. Cleverly interspersed with floral imagery from what appears to be some utopian, overwhelmingly pretty, blooming garden, the film, like Widika, gives a little, but leaves us wanting more, and with a sense of longing and anticipation.

Showing only six outfits (three male and three female), we’re only given a slight glimpse of the collection, as of the garden, and director Claire Littler is thus able to begin telling a compelling story without even a hint of traditional narrative format.