Since the debut of her first collection in 2006, Samantha Pleet has been one to watch in the fashion world. For over seven years, Pleet’s cult following has grown to include the likes of the leading ladies of bands such as Beach House, Dirty Projectors and Au Revoir Simone.

Seeing Pleet’s fairytale-like designs, you would think the petite designer with the heavy bangs sews her garments with a magical golden thread. Pleet’s pieces aren’t simply clothes, they are accessible pieces of artwork, creating a captivating moment in time for their owners and admirers.

Recently relocating her studio from Brooklyn to the fast paced Garment District in Manhattan, Portable visited Pleet in her charmingly curated work space.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pleet moved to Brooklyn in 2000 to further her interest in the arts, an area which she always found herself drawn to.

“All through my life I have been interested in doing something in the arts. I used to be acting when I was in middle school and I would like come up to New York for auditions and I just felt like fashion was a really good way for me to tell my story, almost. My clothes have a very literary feeling to them, like a novel or something. They all have a little character to them,” she told Portable.

Cutting her teeth at the Pratt Institute allowed Pleet to find herself and really focus on fashion in particular, and while for some New York may seem like an unattainable dream, Pleet always knew it would be where she would eventually find her feet, which she explained; “Growing up so close to New York City it was always the ‘attainable dream.’ I always knew I was going to live here and I was only looking at schools in New York City. So I moved here in 2000 to study design and sculpture at Pratt, but after my first year I transferred to the fashion department and I did five years there because I did two different majors. I was really lucky especially going to Pratt because it’s based in Brooklyn, so I’ve been living in Brooklyn for about 12 years and I think that’s influenced me even more than living in New York City. It was really an inspiring place with lots of amazing stuff going on and young people doing really amazing things so it was only natural I wanted to start my own thing.”