While most of us were glued to the television and consuming our weight in perishable foodstuffs, Brooklyn designer Samantha Pleet and her husband Patrick spent their time during Hurricane Irene being productive, putting together the finishing touches to her Fall 2011 film.

“It was Hurricane cabin fever and the need to finish the film,” Samantha told us when we asked if she had initially planned to compose the score for the film herself. “Patrick was editing at the same time so I could actually look at the film while I was playing the music. I was inspired by the film scores of Angelo Badalamenti for David Lynch, and the Suspiria soundtrack by Goblins.”

The eerie vignette was shot on Super 8 in a haunted house in Greenpoint, and stars Larissa Simpson and Ioana Ghiran’s moody, shuddering movements lend themselves perfectly to the spooky nature of the piece. The collection itself—which features dark hues, floaty layers and astronomical images combined with Samantha’s knack for contemporary versions of classic cuts and silhouettes—is represented in the haunting vibe of the film. When we asked her if she was inspired by wiccan or pagan ideas when creating the pieces, Samantha told us, “The fall collection was inspired by mythology, astronomy, ancient armor, and a trip I took last winter to Iceland. I visited frozen waterfalls and the moon-like landscape. The starry night sky was filled with long sunsets and northern lights. It was magical and eerie being there in the winter. I made myself a cloak to wear while I was there that became part of my collection and I put elements from my trip into the designs. The starry night sky print I designed was embroidered onto velvet, and the clothes were subtly embellished with tassels and iridescent star buttons.”

“Films are very influential to my work,” she told us, “I often reference films by directors like David Lynch, Jaromil Jires, Igmar Bergman, and Dario Argento. I like films that have an element of the supernatural. When I watch them, I like to be taken to a world that has a dark side you still want to visit. I want my life and my work to be filled with surprises.”