The offspring of Hollywood heavyweights Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, 20-year-old Scout Larue Willis, stars in a new fashion film for style website, StyleLikeU.  Directed by Magdalena Wosinska, and set to the sun-drenched music of 70′s inspired rockers Green&Wood.

Based on a monologue written by the young Willis, the film centers on her last moments in Sunken City, San Pedro, California, where she feels like an outcast from all the “awkward adolescent girls in chiffon prom dresses looking like palm trees, all legs and long tangled brown hair” (which is so unlike her standout peroxide blonde locks).

While they normally focus on the personal style and closets of celebrities and familiar faces, StyleLikeU’s ‘freedom of expression through personal style,’ is achieved in this video thanks to styling by Creative Director Patrick Orcutt.  Founders, mother-daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Elly Mandelbaum explained in their ‘mission video,’ how important personal style is to them”

“Clothing is a language.  It is a way of connecting, it’s a way of communicating…We’re giving a platform to life as an art, every day is a stage and every day is your chance to be expressed and to be validated and to be embraced as exactly who you are.  There is no age, no gender, there’s no socio-economic, none of the typical boxes and lines that have existed.  We really seek to erase those lines.”

Looking every bit the rebel, the Californian cool video shows Willis in vintage ass-less chaps by The Way We Wore on the back of a motorcycle, then channeling a more ethereal, hippie-inspired look, frolicking on the beach in lighter, more flowy fabrics, vintage jewellery and toughening it up with studded sneakers.  Wosinska moves between black and white footage and colour, as she channels a Sofia Coppola-esque Virgin Suicides homage with Willis as her modern day Lux Lisbon.  Move over Mom and Dad, there is definitely a new Willis on the block!