The Devil Wears Prada made fashion shoots seem glamorous, fun and the coolest job to be a part of. In her latest Spring 2012 campaign, Shona Joy proves that the movie wasn’t all fiction, as the Australian designer takes us behind the scenes of her This Side Of Paradise photo shoot. The video starts off with hair and makeup, with the makeup team using brushes and colors to enhance the beauty of the model and help bring together the vision of Shona Joy.

Like most professional fashion shoots, looks are picked ahead of time, and from hair and makeup the team caravans to the location where it is time for the photographer and model to make some magic. Shona Joy’s clothing is girly, playful, and perfect for the crazy weather of both Australia and the US, where her clothing recently became available. The clothes reflect the cuteness of Mary Jane Cole‘s track “Nobody Else,” which is played in the background as dresses flow in the wind, and the magical forest like location shines in the sunshine.