It’s not that often that a menswear brand releases a fashion film that’s worth more than the a few smouldering glances down the barrel.  In what could almost come out of a hipster sci-fi movie, Hong Kong-born, Belgium-based designer SixLee marries his British-inspired tailoring and futuristic elements to create a full throttle piece of fashion film.

If you have seen his previous collection We’re All in the Dance—named after the Feist song—you would recognise SixLee’s unique style of taking inspiration from the past and blending it with elements of the future.  And with his new Autumn/Winter collection We’re All at the End, the sharp, boyish cuts and classic tailoring are matched with metallic shoes and eccentric blue hair.  It’s elusive, sexy and a bit private investigator.

Perhaps inspired by the menswear of Alexander McQueen—for whom he interned after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp—both SixLee collections to date have been complemented with dramatic experimental fashion film.  We’re All at the End, directed by Belgian fashion photographer Zeb Daemen, seems to give a glimpse of a dark, fun aesthetic somewhere in the harsh shadows and  distorted effects.  Welcome to another world.