Whoever said faster is always better has not watched the Daemian Smith and Christine Suarez directed fashion film, A Better Resurrection. The short film made for Dossier Journal and featuring Karolina Mrozkova is sexual and sultry without showing any nudity as Mrozkova slowly moves in wave like motions to reflect the beach setting.

The clothes featured are summery, flowy, mostly see-though and keep in trend. In the short film, Smith and Suarez make rolling around in the sand wearing Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Akris, Reed Krakoff and Repossi, look extremely pleasurable, even if it is something we would never do. In most of the takes, Mrozkova slowly touches herself and seduces the viewer with every movement, touch and look. When she is not laying on the sand shifting erotically, Mrozkova is standing and in a dance like performance moves her body from side to side and sways with the sea and wind.