Sretsis does something so expert, and increasingly rare in fashion; maintaining the presence of auter from season to season. With extensive yet perfectly curated collections, Sretsis is at once definable and exciting, recognisable and surprising. For the label’s 10th anniversary, Sretsis has remained consistent with this auterism, in what is one of their most formbidable collections to date.

With the byline remaining very much intact — that being “Sweetness”, which doubles as an apt title for the collection — Sretsis injects their singature frill and femininity with something slightly darker; the shadow that lurks behind the Sretsis curtain. It’s a glittering eye, a barely noticable smirk; heirlooms of a princess who’s imbued with an almost primal cheekiness. She’s not a bad girl, but she’s got a wicked streak you never saw coming, and that’s what makes her so alluring.

The collection also embraces old Hollywood glamour, and in the vein of twisting the cutsey poufs and patterns that define the Sretsis repertoire, there’s a subtle suggestion that the femme fatale is prowling somewhere beneath the surface.