There’s a resounding theme to my contributions to of late. I lady crush. Hard. Meet two of my favorite crush-worthy gals. Chloe and Parris Gordon — the sister duo behind Canadian fashion line Chloe Comme Parris —  have every quality a proper lady crush should obtain. They went from students at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design to full-blown fashion powerhouses before both of them had even graduated, making things happen for themselves like proper independent ladies (thanks Beyoncé) of the 21st Century. And though their killer style and assortment of bad ass accessories might make them appear like unapproachable “cool girls”, the pair have the charm and genuine nature of a true Canadian.

This month, Chloe Comme Parris took part in’s video series, collaborating with fellow “cool girl” Sarah Elisabeth Blais on a great new fashion video for their ultra-covetable Spring 2012 collection. I spoke to the designing duo about their inspiration for the video and how they feel about fashion in the digital age.

Portable: What approach do you take when creating a fashion film to go along with your collection? Is it something you’re thinking of when you’re designing each season?
Chloe Comme Parris: Video is a part of the process for us, it’s not the first thing but more and more we are aware of its potential and excited to explore different ways of utilizing it. For us video is always in the back of our mind because we are always thinking of movement when planning the collection.

Usually it’s a collaboration, we seek out photographer /videographer that we like and look for or someone who compliments our work. We approach it like creative collaboration – where two artists or a team of people come together to create something beautiful.

P: How do you feel about the movement towards film over photography for fashion? We like the movement.

Chloe Comme Parris: We love the experimental nature, the chance for something to go in a million different directions. We like it because it can be expressive and tends to be more unexplored. Anyone can delve into more exciting ways to present an idea. Sometimes with a single photo that is all you get – with video there is room for so much more with music and editing etc.

It seems like a natural progression the way that technology is moving. It’s being used for the promotion of everything from political to artistic endeavors. YouTube is such a phenom, so why not. It’s also a great way to see another side of our collection. In photos head on can be stagnant. It’s important for us that the details can be viewed, and that movement from all angles is visible. So yes, we dig that it is becoming more and more the norm to see moving images rather than stagnant ones.

** Loving this: Givenchy couture video is unbelievable.

P: What made you decide to work with Sarah Blais on this project? Was it a collaborative effort or did she come to you with an idea in mind?

Chloe Comme Parris: Randi [Bergman, Editor of and a fellow awesome Canadian] presented us with the idea and Sarah then chose to work with us. We took a look at Sarah’s work and then decided it was a project we really wanted to take on! Creatively we brainstormed some ideas together. Sarah then developed her own storyboards, decided on props, the studio and interpreted the line how she saw fit. Basically the SS12 collection was the inspiration / her muse.

P: What’s next for Chloe Comme Parris?
Chloe Comme Parris: S/S13! AND CCP really tackling and breaking into the New York market. Establishing ourselves in the New York market is high on our list.