Effortlessly grungy and inspired by 90s aesthetics, Sydney brand Somedays Lovin introduce us to their brand new Spring/Summer campaign, The Two That Strayed. The campaign is accompanied by this short film which helps to imagine the ultimate Somedays muse;

she lures you away from home, looking for adventure.
spontaneous and wild, free spirited and undone
a quick witted vagabond, she’ll swiftly seize your heart.

a slave to rock and roll she heads out to the highway
a creator and believer, travelling by the sun.
swims in her clothes, talks to strangers,
she lives for
these days,
those days,

The label enlisted the help of award winning photographer Ben Sullivan and Melbourne band Blackchord to bring the collection to life. Sullivan executes a flawless job in depicting the collection’s story of a wayward vagabond freely spending her day(s) however she sees fit. The campaign video sets the scene perfectly for a Somedays Lovin kind of summer.

The collection itself is a nod to the 90s trend with super wearable pieces. Somedays Lovin show us how to effortlessly dress for our warm Australian climate whilst amplifying a bad ass “no-care” attitude.

Not for the faint hearted, The Two That Strayed collection is perfect for those looking to retire their maxi dresses and gladiator sandals in favor of denim, mesh, crop tops and even tie-dye. Vagabond attitude and dreamy (man bun wearing) model sold separately.