Malaysia. A country that is full of vibrancy and culture thanks to its myriad background and diversification in race. If you happen to be lucky enough to be from Malaysia or have lived in this South East Asian country, it almost becomes instinctual to play with ideas of colour, texture and shapes when getting dressed in the mornings.

And that’s exactly how Yuna explains her enigmatic and fabulous sense of style in StyleLikeU‘s newest addition to their Music & Style series. Being of Muslim faith and from a country like Malaysia, Yuna pushes her stylistic abilities to be able to stay stylish whilst being conservative to her religion. Quite frankly, I think she has succeeded and some. It’s a a bold choice to accept the hijab as part of your lifestyle, and where some would play it safe, this is not the case for Yuna.

Her ability to mix colour and layers are something of an art form. She mixes street style with high end pieces and just as easily combines feminine layers and tailored suiting in one beautifully mastered outfit.

Yuna is a Malaysian born, LA based singer/songwriter who started as an independent artist but now signed to indie rock label; FADER. Singing in both Malay and English Yuna has worked with the likes of Pharrell Williams and has won many acclaimed musical awards. There is no denying that Yuna is one of many fashionable creatives who are propelling the Muslimah fashion movement forward and bringing inspiration and confidence to many other Muslim women interested in fashion. Well done StyleLikeU, well done.

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