Experimental video duo Tell No One have collaborated with our genius friends at SHOWstudio to create Dynamic Blooms, an hypnotic video counterpart to Nick Knight‘s photography in the Spring/Summer issue of AnOther Magazine.

Boasting the most incredible slow-motion array of lush, billowy skirts and striking poses, the short fashion film radiates femininity and elegance in an almost dream-like manner.

Complemented by a small sample of the song Vanities by Beck, the clip provides a futuristic sense of fashion and decadence. Watching the elegant, elongated limbs of the models swirl around each other, we’re never really sure of how many people we’re looking at, or even if there are any people at all. Bathed in melancholy pastels, the models swim in the fabrics like they’re the most natural things in the world. It is really the elegance and the naturalness of the clip that inspires this overwhelming sense of beauty and almost child-like wonder.