PS. – I made this… is the alpha male of D.I.Y. blogs. With incredible inspiration boards filled with photos of celebrities, accessories, flowers, colors and so much more — there’s nothing we aren’t inspired to do here at Portable! Luckily for us, we got a chance to chat with the founder and creator of this luscious webpage, Erica Domesek.

Portable: Tell us how you began blogging, doing crafts and taking photos

Erica Domesek: Over three years ago one of my friends told me she was going to purchase a necklace that was $600. I told her she was insane for spending that kind of cash, and to come over and I would teach her (and my other friends) how to make the feather necklaces. Our “craft club” was a weekend get together that resulted in my “happy accident” of a business after a woman asked me about the necklace I was wearing backstage at a fashion show. I told her PS- I made this… as I pointed to it.  She asked what my line was called and my response was, “I dont have a line, I have a craft club”. That was when I realized, the world was ready to be educated and inspired and the blog was born. Soon after the site launched, it gained a lot of popularity and I released my first book in September 2010.  Before I knew it, I had crafted a career that people dream of. Being able to dive into D.I.Y. and continue to educated and inspire people is what I live for.

P: How would you describe your blog? Is there a specific genre you’re going for?

D.I.Y. is a modern gateway to personal style, customization and personalization where ones creativity and desire to take action results in the making of things. Whether a project pertains to fashion, accessories, home décor, or entertaining, putting your own personal stamp on something allows one to express a sense of accomplishment and a takeaway to be worn, gifted, or displayed. P.S.- I made this… focuses on incorporating everyday materials, with an emphasis on repurposing, reusing and reinventing.

P: What are your plans for the future?

For the upcoming television show Craft Wars I will serve as a judge for the ten episode series.