When parents tell their children to “behave” or “be good,” kids seem to hear the opposite (we’ve all been there), and their adventurous and rebellious sides come out to play. This fun rebellious spirit drives the action in Tucker by Gaby Basora’s Summer 2012 fashion film, where two teenage girls engage in a little misbehavior once their mom leaves the house.

The short film directed by Kinga Burza (who directed Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”) was shot in Connecticut. The film follows two girls on their one-day adventures as they change their garments multiple times to accommodate their activities. Throughout the video the colors of the clothing are kept to mostly pastels as they reflect the light airy tone of the video and its country setting.

It is all childish fun for the two girls featured until they meet a group of boys who make  them want to not only switch outfits, put on makeup, and disobey their mother, but also light up a cigarette. Of course, all the fun comes to an end once their mother rolls into the driveway unexpectedly, forcing the flirting to end and the girls to run home before their mother notices they are gone.