When we first saw Thansis Tsimpinis’ work, the Keep Shelly in Athens music video for “Our Own Dream”, we were struck by the strange manner in which he conveyed stillness through movement; a knack for toying with one element whilst the rest of the imagery crystallises around it. This ability to direct the viewer’s object of contemplation is apparent again in this short-but-stunning fashion video for the 4FASHIONSHAKE V event at the Pallas Theatre, Athens (where the director is based).

Eschewing the traditional grasshopper-limbed, doe-eyed model, Tsimpinis opts to focus his lens on dancer Christianna Kaloumma, imbuing the clothes with a breathtaking dynamism that even the best-executed editorial often fails to capture. Featuring charcoal knits and drapery which conjure up something of the primordial, and the more industrial silhouette of a heavy-shouldered structured shirt and tapered trouser, the starkness and dark palette of the designs is offset by projecting delicately-coloured flowers over the dancing Kaloumma. Unfolding and then folding back in upon themselves, the projection seems to take place on a separate temporal plane to the measuredness and intensity of Kaloumma’s choreography; Tsimpinis’ special gift for making the moving appear perfectly still.