Australian designer Matt Dolan’s debut collection presented by Absorb, is a hazy fantasy suppressed with a dark and mysterious undertone. Contentiously adding the theme of misguided or simply misunderstood religions, in particular Rumspringa, which refers to the time in an Amish adolescent’s life in which they are allowed to “run about” and experiment with a greater freedom than usual, for the Fall collection’s experimental fashion film, a contemporary yet devious subplot is inevitably explored. Directed by Michael Tyson, to a haunting score by Flynn Wheeler the concept of “strict fundamentalist religions and the potential paths they open as inspiration,” is expressed through Dolan’s garments.

The “innocence, faith, and the possibility of a darker intent,” are menacing and hypnotic through Tyson’s use of captivating imagery and technique, and through the exploration of the “notion of the dark, of the potential for purity to become something else while following a divine purpose,” Dolan’s pieces are represented as a shield and expression of individuality within the confines of the religion or, “life’s expectations.”

Much like traditional Amish attire, Dolan’s demure threads cover the models from neck to ankle, while their blush tones incite a sense of unconditional purity, however their subtly sheer organza fabrics highlight the rebellious nature in the splices of sunlight permeating the scene and ultimate decision to ultimately be baptised or leave the fold forever.