A spectral torso rises into frame, gliding up through the darkness. The score, a mechanical shudder, pulsates underneath, jarring against the smoothness of the strong grayscale imagery. This is not your glitzy, high concept fashion commercial – there’s not even any clothes to be seen – but it’s all the more interesting for it.

We’ve featured the work of up and coming filmmaker Jay Gaderre before and for good reason – he sure knows how to pack a punch into a short space of time. In a tight 30 seconds Gaderre guides us through a single moment in painstaking detail, from the intricate definition of the drops of water bursting from the surface, to the quiet aftershock of a body suddenly immersed in the water.

Gaderre is currently developing a fashion film and commercial portfolio, with further short form goodies to be found on his website. And although we’re yet to see his vision play out through the high fashion medium, we can bet it’s not going to be long before his style gets snapped up by Dior for realsies.