Yesterday we opined on the commodification of music videos in light of Iggy Azalea’s new video with Diplo and FKi for “I Think She Ready”, the world’s first ever completely shoppable music video in conjunction with Montreal retailer, Ssense. The video itself just launched, and while yesterday we were asking some big questions, today we’re not really sure how big the questions actually are. The song is fairly mediocre, if not boring, but then, there are lots of mediocre and boring songs out there that not only become popular but that make money. This appears to be a bland song that’s happened to get creative about the money making process, not that we have much doubt this song will do the rounds online regardless.

But here’s the thing that we weren’t expecting — aside from the annoyingly omnipresent hoverlinks for “Shop This Look”, the video looks like every other pop/hip-hip music video we have seen recently. The artists bop around in great outfits that we’ll never be able to afford, pouting at the camera and posturing to show off their bad selves, just the way you’d see any other artist doing in an aesthetically gratuitous video. It’s less infomercial and more a simple exersise in cutting out the middle man. Because here’s the thing: we are all influcencd by the style of our favorite artists. Yes, we’ve been inspired by the outfits of rock stars and celebrities before, and yes, we’ve attempted to recreate them.

This video is what it is; it’s not very good, but it’s sort of nice to look at, and everyone’s probably going to forget about it faster than you can say, “Rihanna is releasing a new record.” It’s obviously highly aspirational, and for the economically righteous out there there’s an argument that the image it projects is an unhealthy, unrealistic consumer ideal and that it promotes socially-irresponsible practice. While all that is definitely true, there’s always been this element to music. One facet of pop is fantasy and indulgence, and that’s what we love about the genre. Besides, we’re sort of totally into that red Preen dress Iggy is wearing.