The Game of Things is more of an experience than a video, as it forces the audience to recall their own past through a series of striking images and flashbacks.

The video—directed by German filmmaker Cristian Straub and commissioned by label Ethel Vaughn—unfolds as the female protagonist tries to rid herself of the things she’s accumulated from a previous relationship. She burns photos, books, and other things that are clearly have some sentimental value weighing them down. As the film progresses, a glimpse is given into the world of the relationship that no longer exists. Running, kissing, and other assorted playful activities are in no short supply as the memories come to life.

Meanwhile, a mysterious pack of masked men roam around the woods in something very reminiscent of 2008′s true-story thriller, The Strangers. That paired with the repeated dialogue of, “Let’s play a game” provides a subtle creepy element for those who have seen far too many horror movies. Horror vibes are fitting, since sometimes remembering an old relationship can be just as scary as a slasher flick.

Straub’s influences for this piece were films from the late 60s and early 70s, which manifest through colorful woodland romps that evoke a sense of curiosity. His vision is complemented by garments from Ethel Vaughn, with equally colorful pieces that drape and flow effortlessly in the wind.