Perhaps the biggest accessory success story to come out of London of late is sunglasses brand FINLAY & CO. With a collection of handmade wooden shades that are meticulously produced, the company’s bespoke designs have been going from strength to strength since their launch in July this year.

With everyone from Pippa Middleton to David Gandy sporting a pair, the 1950’s-inspired sunglasses have enjoyed enormous notoriety in their first few months. It’s all down to the product’s astute balance between individuality and comfort, with a heavy dosing of character thrown into the mix. The look does well to defy any boundaries of age and gender, allowing for a quality design that would suit the likes of any stylishly confident type. Portable sat down with one of the directors of FINLAY & CO. to learn more about the creative minds behind the brand, the power of social media in fashion today and what it means to be the antithesis of mass-produced trends.