“We worked together, played together, ate together and somehow returned home together”

Founded in 2002 by Reid Stewart and Trevor Fleming, The Lifetime Collective describes their latest fashion film as a 10-year salute to roaming the globe in search of new inspiration, promoting love, and ultimately introducing their Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

The film takes place in Iceland, capturing a series of intimate moments between a couple searching for warmth, sunlight and weathering the cold, comforted by each other, despite their seemingly isolated state.

The brand focuses on collaborating with great artists and oddballs from all creative corners, and this season is no exception. The film (created by Lifetime) is produced by Salazar and the music, a carefully selected blend of hymns put together by Edo Van Breeman, sings pleasantly with the landscape and cements an emotive state of mind.

Lifetime attributes their inspiration for the collection to the places they travelled and the curious characters they met along the way. The end result a perfect snap shot of reflection of where they once were and what it meant to them. The rich earthy tones of burgundy, rust, blues and greens of the twill jackets, heathered jerseys, wool sweaters and chinos are emphasized and perfectly exhibited against the crisp white backdrop of Iceland.