Background: We’ve had our eye on the child of designer Yara Flinn for quite some time, and with their latest collection Nomia have taken center stage. Originally a video artist and sculptor, Flinn turned her eye to fashion design and hasn’t looked back since; the label has gone strength to strength since first showing at NYFW in 2007.

Standouts in SS13 Collection: The best interpretation of the ‘modern girl influenced by pop culture’ trend we saw this week, and an especially great move considering the over saturation of the 90s trend. Tying together her love of art and fashion, Flinn turned her eye to deconstructed singlets and t-shirts emblazoned with ‘Whatever,’ and silk bombers teamed with cropped leather midriff baring halters and figure hugging skirts adding an element of intrigue but also relatability.

Next in Line to: Acne. Being both sculptural and artistic, Nomia have been able to transcend their high fashion sensibility into something that’s still relatable to a young audience, a la Acne. They also managed to pull off using a snakeskin print in an unusually light fabric, similar to the output from Acne a couple of seasons ago.