Wearing vintage is an art. Yes, a lot of people can rock a vintage tee and cutoff shorts and look hipster, but not many people can feel and look sexy and comfortable in 60s clothing without looking like a grandparents or like they belong in Saved By The Bell. In its latest short film, They Roared Vintage make 50s and 60s dresses look not only glamorous, but also provocative as jazz plays in the background.

The video, directed by Jordan and Tori Chesney, follows two vintage wearing models on their daily adventures as they skate, strut, sexily sway and playfully fight. The video is a filtered light production with light tones to resemble those of the clothing worn. The clothes vary from short flowy dresses in different styles to shorts, pussy-bow shirts and at one point a robe and lace undergarments.

The Etsy based vintage boutique known for their love of video show that the past and the present can come together to help bring out your seductive side.