A stolen glance shared between beautiful strangers, or eye contact that lingers just past the point of comfort? The playful enjoyment of an admirer’s gaze, or the unsettling feeling of being watched by eyes unseen? Director Luca Guadagnino explores the line between excitement and fear in fashion film One by One, showcasing Giorgio Armani‘s ss2012 collection through a tense and sharply executed interplay between passion, romance and the thrill of the chase.

Against a backdrop of the historically rich cities of Cremona and Mantua the steely gazed, chic and androgynous protagonist, Milou Van Groesen, descends into a thrilling love triangle. What begins as a mild flirtation quickly escalates into a dangerous game of cat and mouse in which an internal struggle is clear—fall victim to temptations or play it safe? Our leading lady oscillates between the role of the huntress and the prey, at one moment flirtatiously daring her suitors to follow her and the next being chased like a wide eyed lamb by hungry wolves—in notably sharp suits by Armani, of course.

Guadagnino describes the film as an opportunity to “move Armani’s clothes through this story of desire and suspense”. Beyond the thematic, various pairings and interplays are created in the work to striking effect-space and silhouette, historical architecture and sleekly geometric attire and the opulence of the old world as it meets the modernity of the new. Ultimately One by One is an intoxicating game in which temptation and fear are the key players and anything can happen. Want to play?