There was silence following the premiere of Nicole Rose’s film in collaboration with E L K E Kramer at Portable’s Fashion on Film festival in Sydney earlier this month. Much like Rose’s hypnotic film, more was implied through the lack of sound (except perhaps the intake of breath) than could have been conveyed through any combination of words. Those lucky enough to have experienced Rose and Kramer’s Concrete at Portable’s film festival can attest to the electric energy that cut through the room as the credits rolled. While words weren’t enough at the time (despite the flurry of Tweets before, during and after), the fashion world has been buzzing over Concrete since it hit the Internet a couple of weeks ago, met with a unanimously positive reception; almost unheard of in the notoriously cut throat industry.

Concrete is arresting, and as complex as it is simple. Exploring the alchemy of love, the films’ heroine is decorated in Kramer’s stunning jewellery to regal effect, conjuring dynamic imagery that elevates her to a mystical realm. Rose challenges ideas of comfort whilst maintaining a delicate balance between beauty and darkness, and the film is supported equally by both its subtleties and striking visuals.

Portable recently spoke to writer and director Nicole Rose about her background, the concept of the film itself, and the inspiration behind that iconic rope suspension scene.

Portable: What is your background? How did you get into making fashion films?

Nicole Rose: I’ve always worked in film and had a love for fashion, so it’s quite natural that the two have combined in my work. I started making films for brands like Nike a decade ago, but it was really in 2008 when I lived in Paris I realized the opportunity of the medium and started my current fashion film business, Rose Coloured World, in 2010.

P: How did the collaboration for the video with Elke Kramer come about?

Nicole Rose: Elke is such a creative soul, we have known each other for a long time. A mutual friend Kate Hurst suggested a collaboration, it made sense to come together with our ideas. Before we knew it, Concrete was made.

P: Can you tell us about the concept behind the film?

Nicole Rose: I was interested in the alchemy of love and manifestation; the idea that love isn’t what we expect. I wanted to pull back the layers of what happens when two elements combine, but are somehow changed and bound by each other. This concept is also mirrored in E L K E’s jewellery.