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We’re not quite sure if she’s ravepunk, crustpunk, seapunk, or inevitably flamepunk, but the adorable soundscaper with the much meme’d about lisp has got everyone talking about Grime’s 21st century style. From her Madonna-esque third release Visions, the videos for “Vanessa,” “Oblivion,” and yet to be released new track “Be A Body,” have already experimented rainbow coloured locks, body-paint, fingerless to-the-elbow gloves, bindis and a penchant for anything glitter-fied or metallic. Her Tumblr, GrimeStyle is an extension of her millennium inspired video clips, especially her quest to bring camo back.  Whether it’s Lolita Goth style, sci-fi inspired looks or ‘Kiss boots,’ Grimes has been bitten by the y2k bug.