“Reinvent yourself, be unique, turn heads.”

That’s the mandate that the team behind Lashes Of London lives by and hopes to pass on to anyone who dons one of their adorable party dresses after they launch next month. Inspired by everything from L.A. flea markets to the art museums of gay Paris, their debut collection is heavily inspired by 50s Americana — å la Go Greased Lightnin’—and features enough pastels and poppy prints to fill your wardrobe straight through the sticky summer months.

In lieu of the launch of their website and the debut of their S/S 2012 collection, Lashes teamed up with esteemed fashion photographer Viktor Vauthier for a short video brimming with summer nostalgia. We got the chance to ask both the designers and director about their exciting collaboration and got an exclusive peek at the Beach Boys infused video. Just don’t tell Viktor that’s our favorite song.


Portable: How did you get introduced to the group from Lashes Of London?

Viktor Vauthier: Few months ago I was contacted by Nicole [Levy]. We had a couple of meetings and she told me about the girls at Lashes. We got along, so I decided to work with them.

P: What is it like collaborating with a designer on a fashion video? Do you generally follow the ideas that the designers have, or do you come to the table with your own concept in mind?

Viktor Vauthier: On this particular case it was completely improvised by me, I just got more and more requests by clients about doing moving images along my shoot. Also I’m working on opening a filmakers studio along with two friends and we are filming a lot right now before the opening of the studio, this is actually an exclusive news! Stay tuned…

P: How do you feel about the movement towards videography in fashion? Do you prefer shooting film or motion?

Viktor Vauthier: I love to take photos, I’m addicted to it and I will always take phoos. Being a photographer to me is also a school about learning how to frame and use light etc. in the ambition to be a filmaker. I think videography is already big and it’s only the top of the iceberg.

P: What made you choose “Gettin’ Hungry” by the Beach Boys for the video?

Viktor Vauthier: I actually didn’t choose that song, I don’t really like it that much but Toto the Editor choose it. I told him to change it and why he choose that song? He just told me it was working good with the video, show me the result and I thought he was right so we kept it.