Sigh. This morning we returned from sunny Tulum, Mexico, to the awful grey of New York, so finding this video amongst our unread email was all the more poignant. While winter encroaches, all we can do is remember the summer just past, and start dreaming of the summer ahead. Or alternately, pack our suitcases and head for spring in the Southern Hemisphere, which is exactly where Aussie swimwear label Zimmermann have set their sights.
For their latest campaign video, Zimmermann went to Tulum, Mexico (sigh, again), to shoot Czech model Denisa Dvorakova being sexy on a beach, slow motion splashing and sweating seductively in the swimwear label‘s latest range. Featuring exotic prints and not-so-subtle skimp, the collection mashes beach glamour with an earthiness in a way that has always been Zimmermann’s compelling forte. And just try not to gasp over some seriously suggestive sunscreen squirting.