Whether you love or  hate them, the humble canvas shoe is a modern fashion staple. It’s hard to say no to footwear so comfortable, dynamic, affordable and easy on the eyes— even if they generally don’t have the same life expectancy as a pair of Docs.

When it comes to getting some traction in your life, there’s nothing quite like the Volley. It’s a popular choice for parkour kids, rock climbers, tradies and ACDC’s Angus Young, but these are a long way from where this icon’s story began. The Volley  was born from a Dunlop employee’s Davis Cup win in 1939. During the tournament, he was wearing a pair of boat shoes and from the promise of those canvas kicks, the Volley evolved.

Tooth & Claw bring us this interpretation of the Volley’s trans-Pacific journey of sporting victory and invention as part of VBS TV’s new video series. It’s a very visual compelling work (props to David Rusanow), as beautifully shot as we’d expect after T&C’s clever work on this clip for Washington‘s The Hardest Part.